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The Sweet Creature series consists of 14 short stories telling the different stages of King Arthur and Lancelot falling in love.


Join them on a journey to dismantle the power struggle between a monarch and his council, live through the complexity of keeping secrets, and learn how to wield the potential of public support.


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​Sweet Creature Titles

Mercy On Me

Trace of Innocence

Summer Skies

Fire Alight

Love In Slow Motion

Spilled Blood

Keep It Sweet

There's No Truth To It

Crisp Trepidation

It's Been Ages

Pages Between Us

The Higher Ground

Walk Through Fire

Every Question Why ​ ​

Sweet Creatures Cover - Mercy on Me (1600 x 900 px) (2).png
Sweet Creatures Cover - Mercy on Me (1600 x 900 px) (1).png

In Mercy On Me, join Arthur at a tournament for becoming the future king's most loyal knight. 

During his travels with Merlin, Arthur meets Lancelot, a man Arthur can't stop thinking about. Caught up in each other, will either of them see the foundations being laid for the path they have chosen? 

Featuring: M/M romance, fluff and tension, strong friendships, evil government, and just a bit of banter.

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