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Fortune's Folly

Justice a powerful, respected, hero, wants a moment to himself. He's loved by the public, the darling of London's press, and never has a dull moment. 

Ransom, a telekinetic thief, outcast from his family at a young age, is here to give him more than a moment. 


Everything between the two of them sends sparks flying and it's not long before this hero and villain end up as enemies- with-benefits, simultaneously trying to take each other down while stealing kisses in dark alleys. 


Fortune's Folly follows these two supers as they navigate each other under the watchful eye of the press, the public, and a secret government agency. It's only a matter of time before this all blows up in their face.  

Featuring: M/M romance, fluff and tension, strong friendships, evil government, and playful banter.


Mercury Bonding

In Mercury Bonding, Rist, the Fae Prince, does his best to navigate the human world. 

Rist and Alden look for ways to abolish the Nim fairy trade, train in combat, and teach Lia about Fae court, all while juggling the headstrong antics of another Elemental. 

Surprising news leads the ragtag team back to Fae lands, where they must uncover the secret of what happened with the Moirai. 

Featuring: M/M romance, fluff and tension, strong friendships, magic, myth, and the Periodic Table of Elements.