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What should I call you? 

Everyone in the system responds to Lilly. A lot of my friends call me Alter, which is the preference! If you want to, you can ask who's fronting. We don't tell people when we switch, so you do have to ask. Also, most of the time, more than one personality is at "the front" (participating in the conversation). 

Where can I get Mercury Rising? 

What's the plan for Mercury Rising? 

There will be three books from Rist's point of view and one companion story with Alukah and Vatra.

Can I get a signed copy of Mercury Rising? 

Once the entire book is published, contact me on Discord so we can get you a signed copy. 

Can I connect with you? 

Join my email list! You can find me on Instagram and Twitter as well. Or join the Discord server. 

Any advice for writers? 

Join a writer's group. Read as much as you can. If you like something, read it again and figure out why you like it. Youtube. Really though, join a writers group. 

Can I write fanfiction about your characters? 

YES! Please send me the link! Here's some Drarry fanfiction

Where can I learn about DID? 

You can learn all things from the internet and you can also learn nothing from the internet. Be careful. There are some REALLY good Youtube channels out there, but here are some links to get you started.


Here are a few links-

Psychiatry definition



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