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Mercury Rising

Rist Ladon, the only heir to the fae kingdom, escapes an assassination attempt and is rescued by Lia, a human girl. As payment for her help, Lia uses Rist's magic to cast a love spell and botches the job, leaving Rist and Lia bonded. 

When he meets Alden, the person Lia had intended to cast a love spell on, Rist thinks the magic had a different agenda. Desperate to break the bond, the group sets out on an adventure through the Fae lands. As Rist begins to uncover the truth about his kingdom, he also falls for this mysterious and dangerous man. 

Join them as they navigate balancing a complicated love triangle and political upheaval. 

Featuring:  M/M gay romance, fluff and tension, mute character, best friends, vampires, several magical races, and the Periodic Table of Elements.

Audible Version 

Listen to the very talented Simon Maeder narrate Mercury Rising! 

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