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5 Grammar Tips For Writers

As we get closer to November and the Nanowrimo challenge I wanted to give a few quick tips for writers. These are things I've found issues with in my own writing and seen in a lot of manuscripts, especially rough drafts.

It's important to say here that you should not obsess over grammar when writing your rough draft because it can slow you down. However, if you can get into the habit of putting these into your writing on a regular basis it will make the editing process less painful.

-Grammar tips-

You're - You are using two words, add an apostrophe.

Your - Your writing is worth it.

Their - Something belongs to them. The word heir is in their, which helps me remember this one.

They're - They are using two words, add an apostrophe.

There - There is a place, person, or thing.

Accept - I accept the idea. A is for agree.

Except - Everything is good, except the oranges. E is for exclude.

Deep-seated - This is the correct term.

Deep-seeded- This is not a correct term. Though, I would like to note that seeded makes more sense to me for the meaning of the phrase. Sadly, that doesn't matter.



Ok, I still have a hard time with this one. I usually guess and then see if Grammarly agrees with my choice.

Bonus - If a sentence still makes sense when you remove the word 'that' then take it out. The less of that the better the story reads.

I hope these help! <3

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